Sues Prague to Prevent Slav Epic from Touring

images-17Czech Art Nouveau painter Alphonse Mucha’s magnum opus, the Slav Epic, is again the subject of legal disputes in the face of a proposed two-year tour of museums in Japan, China, and potentially South Korea and the US, the Art Newspaper reports.

The artist’s estate, worried for the posterity of the paintings, is suing the city of Prague in an attempt to keep them in one place—and in one piece.

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The Slav Epic consumed Mucha’s late career. Conceived in 1899 and completed in 1926, it depicts 20 episodes of Slavic history on a monumental scale in oil and tempera on canvas.

Together with US businessman Charles Richard Crane, who funded the project, Mucha gifted the epic to the city of Prague in 1928, stipulating only that the city build a permanent pavilion to house it.

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However, political turmoil throughout the 20th century put the pavilion on the

Claude Monet Art

images-18As one of the founders of Impressionism and one of the most influential art movements in history, Claude Monet’s status as an all-time greats is unchallenged. In fact, the name “Impressionism” was based on Monet’s painting Impression, soleil levant (1874), which features the sun rising over water in Le Havre, France.

Several of his best-known works were based on the property he purchased in nearby Giverny, including over 250 renditions of water lilies, and Japanese-style bridges which he installed in his garden as part of a devotion to landscaping.

The radical style of painting the French artist championed, which was based on capturing light and the changing of the seasons rather than accurately replicating scenes from classicism, caused a stir at the time, but also cemented his reputation as one of art history’s innovators.

In honor of the Impressionist master’s 176th birthday, we selected 10 insightful quotes from the revolutionary artist.

Claude Monet. Impression, soleil levant (1874). Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

1. On his famous Orangerie des Tuileries:
“These landscapes of water and reflection have become an

Destroys Assyrian Ziggurat Art

In yet another case of destruction of cultural heritage, ISIS has obliterated the 2,900-year-old ziggurat of Nimrud, a 140-foot-high stepped tower comprised of mud bricks, the Times reports.

Nimrud, the former capital of Assyria, was captured by Iraqi forces on Sunday, but not before ISIS jihadists had razed the ancient structure, considered to be one of Iraq’s wonders.

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Ziggurats are towering buildings that were erected in the ancient Mesopotamian valley and western Iranian plateau, the earliest of which date back to 2900–2350 BCE. Built primarily for religious purposes, the temples’ sizes are trumped only by the Egyptian and Central American pyramids.

According to ArtForum, the ziggurat of Nimrud was built by King Ashurnasirpal II about 2,900 years ago. The structure was dedicated to the war god Ninurta, Nimrud’s patron deity, and was therefore a sacred site.

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According to a report from the Art Newspaper, the temple was demolished as early as September. The destruction was confirmed by satellite imagery only days ago, as the Iraqi army had planned to check the ziggurat for mines and boobytraps, before realizing it was too late.

“The Nimrud

Frank Gehry Wants to Move to France

Frank Gehry has revealed that French president Francois Hollande has given him his word that he could self-exile to France now that Donald Trump has been elected the 45th President of the United States.

The 87-year-old Canadian-born, American architect spoke to the French paper La Croix on November 4—prior to the US elections—discussing in a lengthy interview why, having created some of the world’s most recognizable museums, such as the Guggenheim Bilbao and the Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris, it still irks him that some critics don’t consider him an artist.

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Winner of the 1989 Pritzker Prize, Gehry also offered his insights on the approaching election warning that, much like politicians, “Most buildings built in the world are not interesting. And people do not care. They seem to be in denial. It is the same type of behavior that can elect Donald Trump…”.

With the bleak prognostic becoming a reality, the starchitect might see himself emigrating to a new country, with a big welcome from its leader.

But, as the paper Le Figaro points out, Gehry might have good reason

Son Stolen When Shipped to Collector

Alexander “Sacha” Newley, the artist son of Joan Collins, was left outraged and embarrassed when he discovered that three of his paintings, worth £50,000 ($62,000), were stolen on their way to one of his collectors’ homes.

The artworks were shipped from Newley’s New York apartment to the residence of entrepreneur Ivan Massow in Sussex, England, this past summer, the Daily Mail reports. The crates containing the pieces, however, were only opened a few weeks ago, because the house was undergoing renovations, and builders were in the house.

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When Massow got round to opening the crates, he discovered that the three works he had purchased—two self-portraits of Newley and another depicting a card game with the devil as one of the players—weren’t there.

Alexander Newley, Ivan Massow 1 (1992). Courtesy the artist.

Massow told the Daily Mail that he plans on claiming on insurance, but that circumstances of the theft—he doesn’t know whether the paintings were stolen while in transit or once they arrived at his house—make it difficult to determine who might be responsible for it.

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Granted Long Term Loan to Rubenshouse

After nearly 30 years as a part of David Bowie‘s expansive art collection, a monumental work by Italian painter Jacopo Tintoretto will soon be accessible to the public.

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The Angel foretelling Saint Catherine of Alexandria of her martyrdom (late 1570s) was acquired for £191,000 by a European collector during Sotheby’s sale of the late musician’s collection last Thursday. Immediately after making his purchase, the collector announced his plans to place the work on a long-term loan to the Rubenshouse Museum in Antwerp, Belgium, in the hope that there, the piece will be admired by many.

Through this act of generosity the collector sought to pay dual homage to the remarkable influence that Tintoretto and Venetian painting had on Belgian artist Peter Paul Rubens, and to the legendary musician who formerly owned the work. The gesture is intended to honor Bowie’s life-long love of and generosity towards museums and cultural institutions.

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Prior to Bowie’s acquisition of the piece during the 1980s, it was originally an altarpiece for the Church of San Geminiano in Venice, a small, but elaborate church that faced the Basilica in

Gwyneth Paltrow Art Collection

Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t just act like she’s into art, even though she will play Pablo Picasso’s muse Dora Maar alongside Antonio Banderas in the upcoming Picasso biopic 33 Días.

The Hollywood actress is a self-confessed art aficionado and enthusiastic art collector. Before embarking on her career as an actress, she was an art history major at the University of California at Santa Barbara. She eventually dropped out of college to pursue acting. The rest, as they say, is history, although her appreciation of art never went away.

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“I love to collect art,” Paltrow told the Associated Press. “I’ve spent my life in museums and love the whole art world.”

Paltrow’s younger brother Jake is married to star artist Taryn Simon. Courtesy of JIMI CELESTE/Patrick McMullan Photo.

Together with art consultant Mario Brito—who also advises celebs including hip hop mogul P. Diddy—Paltrow has assembled an eclectic collection. The actress has bought photographs by British artist and photographer Darren Almond. She recently told Elle Décor that the artist’s “arresting, large-scale artworks bring a sense of majesty to a room.”

Paltrow also collects work by Ann

Francis Bacon Painting on Way to LA

Billionaire art collector Elaine Wynn has hinted, in an interview with Forbes, that the crown jewel of her blue-chip art collection, Francis Bacon’s Three Studies of Lucian Freud (1969), may go to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Wynn is the co-chair of the institution, along with investor and Apollo Global Management cofounder Tony Ressler.

She didn’t rule out the donation, instead saying “We’ll see!”

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With a net worth estimated at $1.71 billion, Wynn took a number of valuable works away in her 2010 divorce from Las Vegas casino honcho Stephen A. Wynn, also a noted art collector. Forbes values her collection, also featuring other works and examples by Picasso and Manet, at $375 million.

Wynn was so determined to be low-profile about her acquisition of the Bacon, she tells Forbes, that she slinked into the preview exhibition of the work, at Christie’s New York, in sweats and a baseball cap. Her secrecy about the purchase, then the highest price paid at auction for any work of art, continued for two months, until the New York Times outed her

Amazing Art Quotes

One of the most significant and revolutionary artists, the painter Georgia O’Keeffe rose to prominence for her stylized renditions of New York cityscapes, New Mexico landscapes, and imposing paintings of flowers in bloom.

O’Keeffe was one of the first female artists to achieve worldwide critical acclaim for her constantly evolving modernist style. While she experimented with abstract painting, she is remembered primarily for her magnified depictions of plant life and the outdoors, a theme that preoccupied her for the entirety of her career.

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The painter’s influence on subsequent generations of unapologetic artists cannot be overstated. Not just in terms of her creative influence, but also for her trailblazing status as one of the first global female art stars. She remains the most expensive female artist at auction; two years ago, her painting Jimson Weed/White Flower no.1 selling for $44.4 million at Christie’s New York.

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In honor of Georgia O’Keeffe’s birthday and her enduring legacy, we’ve compiled 10 amazing quotes from the great American modernist.

Georgia O’Keeffe Jimson Weed, White Flower No.

Exciting Street Artists

In this three-part series, artnet News aims to find the best and brightest street artists working today, from known entities to emerging artists flying under the radar.

1. Banksy
One of the rare artists to cross over to mainstream fame, Banksy gets a boost from his tantalizing anonymity, but work like Dismaland continues to push the envelope and stay on the forefront of the political conversation.

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French street artist JR on set in Times Square for Justin Bettman’s #SetintheStreets. Courtesy of Marc Azoulay/JR.

2. Justin Bettman
This New York-based street artist and photographer isn’t concerned about the ephemeral nature of his work—it’s more of an inspiration; Bettman is known for building temporary rooms from furniture left on the curb, staging dreamy photo shoots in his colorful sets.

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Blu, Ordes (2012) in Madrid. Courtesy of r2hox, via Wikimedia Commons.

3. BLU
Over the past 20 years, the mysterious Italian street artist has created artwork across Europe and Central and South America. He cares so deeply about his craft that he destroyed a